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How Much Will People Pay for Therapy?

How Much Will People Pay for Therapy? If you've sat down and used my structured approach for working out your sessional fee, you may well have concerns that your proposed fee is too high. As I explained in How to Set Your Private Practice Fees, one of the common ways...

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Feeling Frightened about Not Enough Clients?

One of the issues that often occurs for Good Enough Counsellors is a fear around income and not having enough clients. It takes a lot of courage to set up in private practice. Most of us are not trained in marketing or how to run a business. Private practice may not...

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Finding Hope in Failure

Finding Hope in Failure Have you ever felt defeated when you have tried to do something different?  Perhaps you've started up your private practice recently and haven't got any clients.  Or you've had a client and they've stopped attending counselling after just a few...

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