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Dive into the world of Good Enough Counsellors


Learn from inspirational therapists who’ve made their private practices work – and some who’ve developed beyond private practice too.

Mindset Boosters

In need of some encouragement?  Listen to dedicated episodes when you’re feeling wobbly!

Marketing Insights

But what exactly do you have to do to get clients?  Listen in for the tips that have helped hundreds of people in your position.

Social Media Ideas

No idea about social media?  Every month you’ll get ideas about what to say to attract clients and how to run your social media feed.

Unlock Your Potential With Good Enough Counsellors

Confidence Building

  • Listen to other people’s journeys so you know you’re not alone in what you feel
  • Hear how it’s possible to fulfil your dreams
  • Learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs

Practice Growth

  • Hear what works for other therapists
  • Get a range of practical strategies to apply to your practice marketing right now
  • Move past those blocks and fears that get in the way 


  • Make connections with other counsellors
  • Receive support for the work you’re doing
  • Know you’re not the only one
Josephine Hughes discusses marketing in private practice

“You’ve helped me see that I really am good enough, that I deserve my space in this profession, that I can be here and I can be seen.”

Emma Thompson

“You’ve kept me focused, supported, heard and given permission to be human – truly priceless.”

Tracie Clark

“Josephine has really helped me with my confidence and to feel less alone within my practice.  She has given me lots of ideas and direction.  Because of Josephine’s wise words and compassionate approach I have been able to slow down, take a step back and really explore what it is I want.  What she has taught me about imposter syndrome has been invaluable.”

Polly Stanley

“I have learnt I am good enough.  I am just starting out in private practice and the advice and support from Josephine is invaluable in getting me motivated.”

Joanne Greaves

“You constantly inspire and encourage me to not only be a good enough counsellor but to not be afraid of taking bold business steps.  You’ve opened up a new playing field of possibilities – thank you.”

Margaret Dexter-Lewis

“Simply have made me feel good enough as I am.”

Geraldine Hamilton

“You inspire me to be the best me and to be brave, vocal and believe I have something important to share.”

Jenny Watkins

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about Your host

Josephine Hughes is a BACP Accredited Counsellor who mentors other therapists in their private practice growth.

She established the Facebook group Good Enough Counsellors in 2018 and it has become a support for thousands of counsellors seeking help in feeling good enough and in growing their practice.

In 2022 Josephine launched the Gloriously Unready podcast about her experience of being the parent of transgender daughters.  It was nominated for the Independent Podcast Awards in 2023 and reviewed in The Guardian who said:

“Hughes is brutally honest and endlessly wise as she tells their story, outlining the moments that many parents face with so much love and support that she can’t fail to help others.”

Fear of Doing Something Wrong

For enquiries or collaborations please contact Josephine here.