What is the Therapy Growth Group?

Perhaps you’re already a member of my free Facebook community but you’d like to work more closely with me? Or you might be looking for help with your marketing, growing an online business, or simply seeking to get started on something new.  You may be thinking about coaching with me but are not sure about the cost. 

Take a look at the Therapy Growth Group.  It’s my group coaching offer to enable more people to work with me but at a lower cost than one to one coaching.

business & Marketing Support for Therapists

The Therapy Growth Group is a group of therapists who are supporting each other through the highs and lows of growing their therapy practice.

There’s no minimum requirement to join – you might just be starting out or returning to counselling and want to be with other therapists.  Equally, there’s no one who’s too experienced to be a member.  We’ve got successful counsellors with full practices who are seeking to grow a second stream of income.

We meet twice a month online via Zoom for group coaching and training.  In between times we meet up in a private Facebook group to share questions and get support.

The group covers:

  • Mindset issues, such as fear of visibility
  • Marketing techniques, such as how to write your directory entry or use social media
  • Topical practice related issues such as outdoor therapy and risk assessment during Covid-19

How Does It Help?

There are three main ways that being involved with Therapy Growth Group can help you.


There’s nothing like being with people who have faced similar challenges to you.

They know what it’s like when that new client doesn’t return.  They know how frustrating it is to battle with technology.  They understand how hard it is when you get criticised on social media.

That means we’ve got your back.  The Therapy Growth Group is somewhere to come to share the difficulties but also to celebrate the small triumphs that only therapists really understand.

And because this is my paid group, I’m there to support you much more than in my free group.

“Thanks so much.  Although I’m not ready to start a practice I really like learning from everyone.  Really inspiring to think how we all have something unique to offer”


It’s so easy to keep putting things off, especially when those things are difficult.  However, when there are people around who are working towards similar goals you get inspired.

You begin to see that it is possible. You can use the group to hold you to account which is what someone did recently when she completed a 7,500 word assignment, telling the group each day when she’d reached the next milestone.

There’s also a monthly planning session to help you focus and get things done.  It’s the Therapy Growth Group.  I’m obsessed with helping members progress and achieve the results that they want in their business.

Each week we set our intentions on Monday and then check in and celebrate our triumphs on Friday.  I’m in and out of the group each day to see how you’re doing and to answer any questions about your work.


Each month I offer two group coaching calls where we look at how to grow your therapy practice and the practical ways to do so.

I’m a BACP Accredited Counsellor who has run a busy private practice since 2012 and I have over 20 years’ experience in training adults.  Most of all, I get how many of us feel nervous about running a private practice and I can support you with the mindset issues around this.

Furthermore, when you’re part of a group like this, you all learn from each other.  Working in a group gives you ideas and inspiration as you see what others are doing.

There’s time in the coaching calls to ask for help and there’s different expertise from the people available.  So if you’ve got a question or got stuck there’s normally someone who can answer.

Seeing others meet challenges helps to strengthen you when you’re facing something similar.  Being able to help others gives you confidence about what you’ve already achieved and buoys you up for future growth.

Recently one group member wasn’t sure how to handle incoming enquiries and another group member shared the script that she uses on an initial free call.  This helped her to feel good about the work she’d done and the other person was helped too.

Advertising for the Therapy Growth Group

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Concerns about the Therapy Growth Group

I Don’t Have Enough Time

I know what it’s like. You already have 101 things to do – seeing your existing clients, studying and/or CPD, supervision, a family to attend to, and general life maintenance.  Where can you fit in another commitment?

That’s where the Therapy Growth Group can actually help.  I can help you to focus your efforts on effective marketing and business growth so that you don’t waste time going down a blind alley.  

It’s really important to keep marketing yourself even when you’re busy so that you have a constant stream of clients in the pipeline.  When you’re working alongside a group of other people who have similar aims, it helps to keep you focused and utilise your time better.

I Don’t Have Enough Money

Sometimes it seems that growing your practice just demands more money and that you’re constantly paying out.

I support you in working out how you can market yourself at low cost (I’ve established my online coaching business with a zero advertising budget).

However, it’s also important to ensure that the money you are spending has a good return on investment.  That’s why the Therapy Growth Group includes training on finding out who you work best with and writing your directory entries so that you can reach the people who will keep coming back.



Coaching calls are held twice monthly on Mondays and Thursdays.  Daytime calls are repeated in the evening so that you can attend whatever time of day you’re normally working.

The calls are held online via Zoom and are recorded so that you can catch up later if necessary.  You have access to the calls either via Facebook or a private Vimeo channel.

Feedback about Therapy Growth Group


The group currently costs £22.50 per month.  Once you join your payment card is automatically debited on the same day the following month. There is no minimum length of membership.  Either let me know you wish to cancel or follow the link in the confirmation email should you decide you no longer wish to continue.

Any questions? Contact me to find out more.