Business & Marketing Support for Therapists

Do You Want to Grow Your Therapy Practice?

Are you wanting to make that move from a few clients a week to a full private practice?

Are you feeling frustrated because you don’t know how to recruit more clients? Or envious of other people who have managed it – but you’re not sure how?  Or possibly daunted because there’s so much to do and you’re confused about what will work?

Maybe you’re feeling fed up about those empty spaces in your calendar because you’re ready to help people but you’re just not getting enquiries.

Join the Therapy Growth Group to implement proven techniques to get clients and build a profitable private practice.

I’m Over the Moon!

I have loved being in the group, surrounded by wonderful inspiring people. It has made me feel less alone in my work, part of a ‘club’ and helped me to feel good about myself and the work I do. It’s like a BIG HUG 

I won 3 months membership just as I was planning to leave my part time job, left my job and within 2 months of leaving I went from around 6/7 clients a week to having a full practice of 18 clients….couldn’t have done that without the guidance and support of your coaching calls, Facebook group and the wonderful therapists in the group! I’m over the moon!

Rachel Radford

Rachel Radford Therapeutic Counselling

How does it help?

Getting Clients

First and foremost, the Therapy Growth Group is a business coaching group.  It is there to help you build your business.  To do this, you need an income and that means clients.

So, within the Therapy Growth Group there is:

  • a library of upcoming and recorded training on setting up in practice, getting clients and running your practice 
  • daily, weekly and monthly accountability to help you take the action that gets things done
  • an informal referral network of other counsellors


Being a solo practitioner in private practice is lonely.  There’s no one there when a problem arises or you’re feeling in need of encouragement. 

But there’s nothing like being with people who have faced similar challenges to you.


It’s so easy to keep putting things off, especially when those things are difficult.

However, when there are people around who are achieving similar goals you see what is possible and you get inspired.

Thank you

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I’ve been in the group, enjoying contributing and benefiting from the wonderful network you nurture. It’s a very special place.

Ruth Terry

Thrive Beyond Counselling

What Does it Involve?

We meet four times a month online via Zoom for group training and coaching, peer meetings and supervision.  In between times we meet up in a private Facebook group to share questions and get support.

There’s a library of recorded training in the Facebook group and new calls are recorded each month.

Do you like what I do in Good Enough Counsellors?  Join the Therapy Growth Group to get more support and all your questions answered as a member of my coaching community.

Concerns about the Therapy Growth Group

I Don’t Have Enough Time

I know what it’s like. You already have 101 things to do – seeing your existing clients, studying and/or CPD, supervision, a family to attend to, and general life maintenance.  Where can you fit in another commitment?

That’s where the Therapy Growth Group can actually help.  I can help you to focus your efforts on effective marketing and business growth so that you don’t waste time going down a blind alley.

It’s really important to keep marketing yourself even when you’re busy so that you have a constant stream of clients in the pipeline.  When you’re working alongside a group of other people who have similar aims, it helps to keep you focused and utilise your time better.

I Don’t Have Enough Money

Sometimes it seems that growing your practice just demands more money and that you’re constantly paying out.

I support you in working out how you can market yourself at low cost (I’ve established my online coaching business with a zero advertising budget).

However, it’s also important to ensure that the money you are spending is a good return on investment.  The training and support in the Therapy Growth Group will help you to get clients.  You only need one client who comes for six to eight sessions to recoup the whole of an annual subscription. 

Jo has made a real difference to my business

The knowledge and experience that Jo has is outstanding.  Even more though is how she communicates, nurtures and supports us.  She’s fair, kindness personified, and I’ve had actual results from her coaching. I took a long time to choose which coach I wanted and I’m beyond happy!  Jo has made a real difference to my business.

Priya Burton

A Space to Be


Coaching calls are held on alternate Monday lunchtimes and Thursday evenings.  The Mondays are for training and planning and these calls are recorded so that you can catch up later.  Thursdays are currently scheduled at 8pm (UK time) and are for community and supervision.  They are not recorded.

The calls are held online via Zoom.  You have access to the recordings either via Facebook or a private Vimeo channel.



You can join the group for a year at £480 or join quarterly at £150.  For quarterly membership, your payment card is automatically debited on the same day every three months. There is no minimum length of membership.  Either let me know you wish to cancel or follow the link in the confirmation email should you decide you no longer wish to continue.

Any questions? Contact me to find out more.

I am happy receiving so many more enquiries

You have helped me become more “visible” and my confidence has rocketed!  Until I worked with you I was just wandering aimlessly but now I feel I am really “turning up” with my clients. I am happy receiving so many more enquiries and more turning into regular clients.  Thanks so much for all you do to encourage us.  I always highly recommend you.

Julie Wales

Julie Wales Counselling