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  • Are you unsure about how to write a counselling profile that brings in clients?
  • Or perhaps you’re disappointed that your counselling profile is not generating enough enquiries?
  • Maybe you’re thinking about cancelling your directory payments because you’re not getting any results?

Getting clients via directories doesn’t require you to be a marketing guru.  Your profile doesn’t have to be complicated, full of academic jargon – or take hours to write.

It’s all about seeing things from the client’s perspective and you already have the training and experience to do that.

Josephine Hughes discusses marketing in private practice

The Make Your Profile Work training helps to fill practices with motivated clients

What’s included:

  • A blueprint that shares the ways counsellors have filled their practice using directories.  Presented in a 45 minute recorded workshop you can watch in your own time
  • An implementation week to help you to apply the principles to your specific practice
  • Daily personal feedback via Facebook to help you refine your ideas and wording

Do You Want to Be Fully Booked?

Full Private Practice

After attending Josephine’s ‘Write your profile’ training, I rewrote my profile, have had new enquiries that have translated into clients, and currently have a full private practice. Thank you Josephine for your guidance and advice!

Louise Herbert

Beyond thrilled

I have just reached the point today where it is cost effective for me to rent the room by the day, not the hour.  I am beyond thrilled!

I have to say rewriting my profile with the help of Josephine Hughes’s profile course really made the difference.

Fiona Hewkin

It’s already worked

After five months of paying a marketing agency £360 month and not getting a single inquiry, I’ve had 3 today, one of which has turned into an actual booking.

The only thing I’ve changed is my profile from what I’ve learned on your course.  I haven’t words to say how grateful I am, I’d almost given up hope that I would ever make it. 

I haven’t even got beyond day 4 and it’s already worked.

Claire Jennings

The Make Your Profile Work training will help you get more clients

You’ll stand out from other counsellors with that vital first sentence

…so that clients click through to your profile and read what you have to say

You’ll make your profile relevant to what people are looking for

…so that clients choose you rather than sending speculative enquiries to everyone in the area

You’ll know what to say to attract the people you love to work with

… so that you build a successful private practice based on your experience and skills

Does that sound like something you need?

Build Your Private Practice

About Josephine

I created the Make Your Profile Work training because I could see counsellors paying for directories, not getting results and struggling to get clients.

That left them feeling frustrated, disappointed, and like they were a failure because without clients, they didn’t have a private practice.

But it is possible to have a thriving practice if you know what to say to attract clients.

With ten year’s experience of running my own practice I know exactly what it takes to get a healthy stream of enquiries to sustain your business.

My strategies have helped dozens of counsellors to establish successful private practices full of paying clients.

I want to help clients find counsellors and that’s what inspired me to create the Make Your Profile Work training.

Daily Enquiries

I had 2 clients in December and now I have 15!  I have been getting enquiries daily too.

Susan Morris

Five enquiries in 3 days

Whilst I was getting enquiries leading to appointments, it was at a slow pace.

I watched the replay on Thursday, changed my profile as it was not engaging – and have had five enquiries in three days!

Jiana Denny

Four Enquiries in a Week

After attending your course last week, I made some changes to my profile…. So far I’ve had 4 new enquiries, 2 have started and the other two are booked in for their intro call next week!

Laura Duchas

Let's get started

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the training consist of?

A workshop followed by an implementation week in a dedicated Facebook group.  You’ll get daily emails which set you a short task so that you can apply the training to your specific situation.  If you post your answer in the group, you’ll get personal feedback from Josephine.  She’ll also offer additional training and answer additional questions each day via a live video feed.

What are the dates and times for the training?

The training is recorded and Josephine publicises the implementation week to attendees

Does it matter if I can’t attend live?

You’ll have access to a recording of the workshop in Therapy Growth Group. The live Facebook videos are also recorded and are available in the group for the duration of the implementation week.

Do I have to attend the implementation week?

You’ll get the most out of the course if you complete the daily tasks and watch the additional training. However, all of this can be completed in your own time during the week.  Josephine provides feedback throughout the week, Monday to Friday.

Do I have to have a Facebook account to participate in the training?

The 45 minute training is packed full of information to get you started.  But to  receive Josephine’s feedback on applying it to your situation, you will need to join a private Facebook group.

Do I have to be on a mailing list?

You will need to be on Josephine’s mailing list for the duration of the training so that you receive all the details.  You can unsubscribe when the training is complete.  Sorry, but Josephine is unable to enter into personal email correspondence with attendees.

Can I use this training for writing my website?

Yes.  The principles of how to write in a way to attract clients can be applied where ever you are doing your marketing.

Do I need to be in private practice already?

No. If you’re in the process of getting ready for private practice, the training will give you a flying start in knowing how to attract clients.

How much does the training cost?

Please click the book now button to access details of the latest price.

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