Therapy Growth

Group Coaching Programme with Josephine Hughes

“The most important factor in business is not what you know, or your technical wizardry, but your mindset. 
If you work on your mindset, the rest will follow.


Find your purpose, your voice and your clients

  • Do you feel envious of other counsellors who seem to be making a success of their practice and wish you could too?
  • Do you have ideas about what you’d like to get done, but find it all a bit overwhelming and you’re not sure where to start?
  • Do you find it hard to be working it out all on your own?

If you’ve ever thought that you’d like a successful business but that somehow, it’s not for people like you, I’ve got news for you.

You can do it!

“Your belief about yourself is the most telling factor in determining your level of success and happiness”

– Wayne Dyer

Is this right for you?


The Therapy Growth Group is ideal for you if:

  • You’ve got a private practice and you’d like more clients
  • You don’t have a private practice yet but you’d love support in getting started
  • You have a thriving private practice and
    … you want to network with other therapists
    … you want to learn even more effective marketing techniques
    … you want to develop a new area of work such as an online course, CPD, or setting up a group practice

The Therapy Growth Group is NOT for you if:

  • You’re unwilling to be coached and take action
  • You don’t want to work with a group of supportive counsellors
  • You’re looking for group therapy or supervision

Actionable, practical advice to overcome the blocks and find your clients

You probably already know a lot of the “stuff” you have to do – you’ve probably read all about it in Facebook groups and watched in awe at other counsellors implementing it.

However, when you sit down to get started, you don’t start. Projects get put to one side and you doubt that you’ve got what it takes.  Or else, you try and get started, but you give up because it doesn’t seem to be working or you feel overwhelmed.

That’s frustrating because you know it’s possible – other people manage it – so what’s the problem with you?

There is no problem with you.  You just need some help.

That’s what my Therapy Growth Group is all about.  It’s about helping you to overcome the blocks that are holding you back. In the Therapy Growth Group: 

You’ll choose to take action on your business goals

…so that you’ll feel empowered and make your dreams a reality.  You’ll stop waiting for the solution and you’ll create your own.

You’ll make peace with your inner critic and get on with your marketing

…so that you actually get started and make real progress. You’ll be able to take your eye off the little details and get out there! Because if you’re paralyzed with fear of being imperfect, the people who need your help will never find you.

You’ll get the confidence to get clients 

… so that you’ll stop feeling stuck in a rut comparing yourself to others. You’ll be able to focus on being you.  You’ll focus on your OWN track! And that means you’ll focus on the clients that you can help and what they need.

Does that sound like something you need?

I’m Over the Moon!

I have loved being in the group, surrounded by wonderful inspiring people. It has made me feel less alone in my work, part of a ‘club’ and helped me to feel good about myself and the work I do. It’s like a BIG HUG 🙂

I won 3 months membership just as I was planning to leave my part time job, left my job and within 2 months of leaving I went from around 6/7 clients a week to having a full practice of 18 clients….couldn’t have done that without the guidance and support of your coaching calls, Facebook group and the wonderful therapists in the group! I’m over the moon! 

Rachael Radford

Rachael Radford Therapeutic Counselling

Yes. Let's get started

You can, do this

The community is lovely, very supportive and just a great gang of people!


I have really enjoyed being a part of the Therapy Growth Group this year.  Josephine is always warm, approachable and knowledgeable and having attended some of the coaching calls, they have spurred me into getting things done.  The daily posts are thought provoking and the community is lovely, very supportive and just a great gang of people!  If you’re considering it, do it – as a gift to yourself, it will, without doubt, improve the way that you look at yourself in your business.

Mandy Phillips

Soul Full Psychotherapy

Therapy Growth Group testimonial

I am happy receiving so many more enquirers


You have helped me become more ‘visible’ and my confidence has rocketed! Until I worked with you I was just wandering aimlessly but now I feel I am really ‘turning up’ with my clients.  I am happy receiving so many more enquirers and more turning into regular clients.  Thanks so much for all you do to encourage us.  I always highly recommend you.

Julie Wales

Julie Wales Counselling

Therapy Growth Group testimonial

What’s Included in the Therapy Growth Group? 

If you’ve never experienced group coaching, you’re in for a treat.  It’s a great membership experience that gives you access to business coaching without the high price tag – and includes networking and group support so that you don’t feel alone.

Annual membership gives you access to the following:

  • Monthly group coaching calls of 60-90 minutes for business planning and networking with other therapists
  • Monthly group training calls of 60-90 minutes to support you in your business goals
  • December Vision Board Workshop
  • A dedicated Facebook group to get to know each other and receive daily support
  • A weekly informal Facebook chat with Josephine and other members of the group
  • An expanding library of content around marketing, mindset and therapy practice issues.

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Want to Know More?

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not in Private Practice yet – can I still join?

There’s a brand new Setting Up in Private Practice course about to be added to the membership.  Join now and you’ll be able to attend live, subject to your availability.

What Days and Times are the Calls?

At the moment, there are two themed calls a month, with each call being repeated in the evening (times are UK London),

  • Planning on Mondays at 11.00am or 8.00pm
  • Training Call on Thursdays at 1.00pm or 8.00pm
  • Messenger Chat on Fridays at 5.00pm

But don’t worry if you can’t make those times.  See the next question.

I Won’t Be Able to Attend All Those Calls – Does that Matter?

The coaching calls will be recorded and available in the group so that you can catch up.  You are also able to ask questions in the Facebook group and I will answer them there or in the calls.

Occasionally the schedule of calls may change but this is done in consultation with the group.

Do I Have to Join the Facebook Group?

No, some people prefer to attend just the calls.  The library of previous calls are available via Vimeo and you can access them there.

How Much Does the Therapy Growth Group Cost?

I paid over £2000 for my first group coaching package.  You wouldn’t be reading this if I hadn’t made that investment.  Therapy Growth Group is currently available for £480 for an annual subscription.  I can help you earn that in your first month of private practice.

Can you afford not to join?

Can I Pay in Instalments?

Yes!  You can either pay £150 per quarter  or £60 per month. 

Once you have joined – for as long as you continue in membership – you will not receive a price increase in your subscription.

Is It Safe to Pay Online?

My payments are handled securely by Stripe which is a recognised online payment provider. I do not have access to your card details.

 What If I Change My Mind?

I offer a 14 day refund policy from the first payment date, less the cost of any coaching sessions that have already taken place.

It is scary to sign up to a coaching programme and to commit yourself.  Please talk to me if you have any concerns or worries as these are often part of the process.

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