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September 27th 2019, 10.00am – 5.30pm

Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PA

Counselling training teaches us how to help people, but it doesn’t teach us how to reach the people we help


Attract More Clients

Do you need more clients, but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with the conflicting advice available?

Or you’re worried about being visible?

Well, we’re here to inspire you, simplify your marketing, and give you practical strategies to attract more clients.

This is a day to connect and learn – and discover how you can keep things simple, no more overwhelm.

You’ll take part in 3 separate small group workshops

✔ Mindset

✔ Content

✔ Social Media

The three sessions work together to bring you some powerful training to reduce fear and anxiety, produce content to get you noticed and make sure as many people see you as possible.

The day will start and end with a plenary session facilitated by John Wilson of Onlinevents

Find your Courage and Confidence

with Private Practice Angel Josephine Hughes

Do you want to take action to grow your private practice but find you doubt yourself and procrastinate?

Are you worried about getting it wrong, making a fool of yourself, or that you have nothing to say?

You look around you and notice all the other therapists doing well and you can’t imagine you’ll ever be in the same position.

In this workshop we’ll identify the thoughts that hold you back and that stop you from marketing your business. We’ll discuss imposter syndrome, the fear of being visible, and the effects of social comparison.

Together we’ll work on solutions so that you feel energised, confident and ready to start attracting clients so that you can do the work you love.

Grow your practice by helping instead of selling

with Private Practice Angel Jane Travis

It’s busy out there! Do an online search for counsellors in your area and you’ll see dozens of them, possibly hundreds.

This can be a worry, especially if you’re new, an introvert or struggling with imposter syndrome because the very idea of ‘getting out there’ or ‘selling yourself’ will likely bring you out in hives.

Well here’s the good news: There are ways of letting people know you’re there and can help, and make you stand head and shoulders above your competition without feeling awkward.

You can help people AND build your practice.

Content marketing is all about helping people, sharing and connecting. Sharing helpful information with your clients means you’ll start building a trusting relationship with them, which means more clients and referrals.

Doesn’t that feel better?

In this workshop, we’ll look at what content is, how you can produce it simply and attract clients in a way that’s both ethical and not in the slightest bit ‘salesy’!

You’ll leave feeling inspired, and have lots of ideas to either get started or up your content game.

How to Promote your Private Practice on Social Media

with Private Practice Angel Sandra Wilson
In this workshop you will learn:
  • What kind of content is ethical and effective on your social media accounts
  • How to create engaging content to post to your social media accounts
  • How to be visible on Social Media without logging in every day
  • How to create daily content with only 2 hours work per month
In this workshop you will create:
  • A photo and uploading to social media (with or without you in it)
  • A video using Sandra’s props (with or without you in it)

If you have a smart phone, please bring it along so we can create content during the

No smartphone? Bring your laptop.

If you are brand new to social media you will be able to pick up some great tips and advice from Sandra and other participants giving you the courage to get started.

You will leave the workshop with the knowledge and confidence you need to use social media as an ethical tool in your private practice.

Featured Speakers

John Wilson

Co-founder of Onlinevents CPD video library

John enjoys interviewing hundreds of practitioners for the Onlinevents Library. He is passionate about having a place where everyone has their voice, either as a presenter or as an attendee in the online chat room.

He is a trainer in the Person Centred field and has brought this experience to Temenos, contributing to various year groups including Diploma and MSc cohorts. He is currently working with the Temenos Diploma group.

His specialism is online counselling which has developed into offering online CPD for Practitioners via Onlinevents. This online environment has seen the growth and development of online group experience through the use of an unstructured chat room environment.

Josephine Hughes

Helping counsellors to feel good enough

Josephine works with counsellors and therapists who feel frustrated because they want to help people but they can’t find work.

You have all the qualifications and skills you need but you don’t have the clients. She helps you to build your confidence so that you can earn a living doing what you love. She does this by helping you to value your unique mix of skills and experience. She helps you to identify the beliefs that are holding you back and to identify ways to move forward. When you work with her you will find the motivation and courage to take action. She helps you to find your purpose, your voice and your clients.

By supporting you through 1-1 coaching, training and a free Facebook group, Josephine helps you to help more clients.

Josephine is a BACP Accredited Counsellor who has worked in private practice since 2012.  She has over fifteen years experience in training adults and offers online coaching to therapists across the UK.

Jane Travis

The therapist that helps other therapists to grow their private practice!

Jane has been a counsellor since 2005, and later, a supervisor. She also founded and ran the Lincoln Counsellors Network for 4 years, so she’s been around counsellors a long time!  

In that time, Jane has helped hundreds of therapists to attract clients by showing them therapist specific, ethical marketing advice, so you can make a difference while getting the income you desire.

This is mainly through the Grow Your Private Practice Club, which has training, workshops and the opportunity to connect with peers.

She tweaks marketing principles to make them therapist friendly and shows you how to tailor it to your strengths and simplify the whole marketing process.

When she’s not talking about herself in the third person, she’s going on relaxing walks with her dog, and/or eating Maltesers.

Sandra Wilson

The Therapist’s Social Media Coach

Sandra, also known as ‘Saz’ around social media, is a social media coach, the creator of the 2019 Social Media Planner for Private Practice and the co-founder of Onlinevents CPD.

Sandra supports therapists as they start to use social media to promote their private practice. Being visible online can make therapists feel vulnerable but, at the same time, in the today’s world of accessible technology, it is often an essential part of promoting their practice. Online is where people are searching now for goods and services, including therapy.

Specialising in the ‘How To’ of social media marketing, Sandra teaches therapists how to get started with different platforms, how to create content, how to use free tools and how to create a regular ongoing online presence without having to be on your phone or at your PC every day. Support from Sandra is in the form of 1-1 online coaching, a free Facebook community and an Online Content Planner (an image and caption for every day of the year).

Sandra really believes the more people start to see and hear therapists on Social Media, the stigma of ‘going to therapy” will start to change. Through social media people will become aware of the faces and voices of the therapists in their local community. This can make it easier for them to take the step to reach out and book a session for themselves, or even encourage a friend or family member to reach out to someone they can talk to. She is here to support therapists in growing and enriching their practice


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